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WIP Wednesday: Think Spring

on March 6, 2013

Anyone looking at my pinterest can probably tell I am so ready for spring. I hate winter. Even though this has been a very mild winter – we’ve even been outside playing every day that wasn’t raining – it has been grey and raining a LOT. I hate rain. I hate grey. And, even with the hustle and bustle and excitement of the holidays, the time since has seemed to just drag. Not that I want time to pass, but the weather sure could. I am ready for bright blooms, sunny days, swimming pools, the warm sun on my skin, cold tea and lemonade, eating on decks, 9:30 sunsets….

So no wonder even though I have a list of things to do, all I have on the brain are the bright sunny colors I long for. I am ready to throw over the projects I have in process to start a new one, with a bright, happy, citrus color scheme.  So, I started pulling fabrics…. and I am not thrilled.


Excuse the baby toys. This is my life.

First, I am seriously lacking in yellow. There seems to be a yellow shortage. I even looked at my LQS and didn’t find anything.

Second, I just don’t have the kind of neon citrus colors I really want to see. A few of them are, but not enough.

Third, Few of these are the kind of patterns I want to showcase in this quilt. A lot of these are the sort of low-key “background” type prints, not the show stoppers. Sadly, my show stopper showcase prints that could work, aren’t limited to these colors – they have blues or reds or pinks in them as accents, and I am really trying to keep to lime, lemon, and orange.

I guess I keep dreaming for now….

In the meantime, I am working on my sampler 3×6 group. Here is my test block:


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4 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Think Spring

  1. I feel the same way about winter! Hope you find the right shades of fabrics for your project…

  2. very pretty….I love the card trick block

  3. Anna says:

    I hate it when I can’t find the right fabric! Maybe its time to do a little online shopping? I love your block!

  4. I have been pulling spring fabrics too. The card trick is one on my to do list for forever – it’s so clever.

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