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Sunday Swap: Tula Pink 10″ layer

on March 3, 2013

I participated in a Flickr swap for Tula Pink fabrics. This was actually the second round of the swap, but I missed out on the first round. 😦 There is a third round signing up now, and each round includes different fabrics from the previous rounds. We buy 2 yards and cut 28 10 inch layers from that. Each time I have participated, now, I have tried to buy 2.5 yards for breathing room, but the seller has only had 2. For round two, she didn’t even notify me, just sent me the reduced amount. I was a little panicky cutting to make sure I got what I needed from it. I did, with very little to spare. For round three, the seller contacted me to ask what to do. I told her to send it, so hopefully it will work out.

Here is my round 2 contribution:

Here is the round 2 cake:


I have no idea what I will do with these. Mostly, I am just enjoying looking at them and deciding which ones I need to hunt down yardage of. 🙂 Many of them are well out of print and hard to find though. 😦 These prints are pretty large scale. I am looking forward to round 3, and there is already talk of a possible round 4.

Here is the rest of my Tula Pink collection (I think)


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