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Modern BOM class and quilt back complete

on February 14, 2013


Last weekend, I attended my first session (since I was out of town for January) of my modern BOM at my LQS. Above is my completed February block (still need to make January’s). The solids are given to us each month, and we were able to choose our background color. I love black backgrounds. I feel like it makes the colors just pop. All my 3×6 bees are black background too. They were encouraging grey backgrounds because it is considered more modern, I suppose? But I really don’t like the grey. I feel like it washes everything out.

We learned a neat trick (which I am never going to be able to describe here) where you chain your rows in such a way that they are all connected in proper arrangement so that you know exactly which way to iron your seams so they nest. The little squares do get in the way a bit when you are trying to iron the others. I think I needed more length in my chain. I have done so many HSTs with my ribbon quilt that this wasn’t a problem for me at all.

I had one of the instructors look over my issue I have been having with my machine jamming when I try to start sewing seams that have corner seams (does that make sense?) as above. I pushed through my whole last two tops dealing with this issue. Unfortunately, the consensus seems to be that my machine can’t handle a 1/4 inch foot. It doesn’t give the width or pressure to push the fabric through. So I had to switch back to my standard foot. So annoying. It is working like a dream now, which of course is nice, but I really liked certain aspects of the 1/4 inch foot – especially when doing the hsts. Which, I guess I can just switch my foot back and forth in the future when I need to. I think I am taking a break from hsts for a while though, lol.

I also got my quilt back done for my I spy quilt. And we finally had a pretty day today so I could take pictures. (lots of pictures to follow…)


First, here is the top. Most of the squares are from my I-spy swap group, with several of my personal favorites from my stash mixed in. (Ugh!  cutting into Heather Ross!) I finished the top in December. I modified this tutorial from MaryQuilts.

Here are some closeups:


And now the back:

DSC_0244 DSC_0245

It was a pretty windy day..


Both together:



Someone approves: (he’s hugging it)

DSC_0254     DSC_0253 DSC_0252         DSC_0243

He loves to point to the things he knows on it already. I am going to have to not waste too much time getting this put together. Not sure how to go about it yet. It will be a huge experiment. Good thing it is for the kidlet. 😀 Also not sure I have enough orange left for binding, but the LQS still has it in stock if I am not able to find it elsewhere.

But now I need to turn some attention to all the projects in the hopper for others.

3 responses to “Modern BOM class and quilt back complete

  1. DeAnna S says:

    Oh Wow…It’s really pretty. I love the orange. The top reminds me of an old fashioned quilt top. I think it’s lovely! Thanks for sharing. Oh…cute kid too!

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  3. […] this is similar to the twisted block I made for my son’s quilt, but was a much easier way of doing it. One of those smack your head, why didn’t I think of […]

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