Drowning in Fabric

Forever cleaning, organizing and creating

Day 3 and 4

on February 14, 2013


Say hello to my new blender. My other blender’s bottom kept coming off yesterday and I had several messes to clean up, so we got a new one today. Oh well. Despite the trouble, last night I made a blueberry smoothie and tahini cream in it. The blueberry smoothie is very yummy. Even the baby thinks so. I took it easy on the kale. The tahini cream was so disappointing. I was expecting it to be like a sour cream, but instead it reeks of Pad Thai. Blech. I think the jar of tahini will be heading to my sister or mom soon. Now I really want sour cream. I had the lentil taco for dinner…. however, I did make a small cheat. We didn’t have any lettuce leaves to serve it in, so I broke down and used a small tortilla.

Last night was awful. I don’t think it was a good idea to eat all those lentils yesterday. I inflated like a balloon and was in a lot of stomach pain and couldn’t get much rest or relief. On top of that, the kidlet had a terrible night too. He was up three or four times, and after the first time, I was in too much pain to deal with him. We are finally (at 22 months) resorting to a sort of CIO method. Which I hate, but it is time and I think if we continue on the way we have been, he will still be waking up at 3am and sleeping with us til he is 40. I went in at 3 and changed him and cuddled him and put him back in his crib. After that, I think my husband went in a couple times to do the same (he throws all his things out of his crib when he gets upset, then is upset because he doesn’t have his things). Ugh. It was a bad night all around.

Today I used my new blender to make another blueberry smoothie. I am out of blueberries now, and almost out of bananas. I ate leftover minestrone to give myself a break from lentils. Tonight, I had the lentil taco, this time on lettuce, which my husband got when he got the blender today. I am not sure if I am squeezing in another smoothie tonight… it is already late and the blender is dirty. And everyone is really sleepy.

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