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Day 2, lack of WIP

on February 13, 2013

Yesterday went a bit better. I still had a horrible headache, but didn’t feel quite as badly. I started my smoothie earlier, but didn’t like it much. It was too lemony. Several hours later I gave up only halfway into it. For lunch I had my leftover minestrone, mainly because it was already made so I just had to reheat it. It was yummy. I actually had a little more. I figured since I threw up the day before and only had one smoothie, I had extra room. And it was really yummy. I will make that again. For dinner I tried another smoothie, the apple pie green smoothie. I took Becky’s advice to tone down the greens, and actually really liked it. I drank it all, though still not too quickly. I also made a quick salad and the vegan ranch. I didn’t like it. I am not sure which part – the salad or the ranch. But it was very sour, so I didn’t really eat it. I ended the day hungry. I really don’t like raw veggies. That makes this harder. I considered steaming some stuff, but it was so late by then I didn’t bother.

Oh, and look what came yesterday!



(I am not actually sure we got any tagalongs) But I am actually not really tempted right now. I will look forward to having some in a few days. 😀 As long as the boxes stay closed, I won’t have a problem.

Here is how I started my day today:







What a mess. What a waste. I decided to make another apple pie smoothie, since I seemed to like it yesterday. I didn’t quite finish it. For lunch I made the lentil soup, which was really good. I halved the recipe, and still have a good two more servings there. I’ve been enjoying the soups. I think I am going to go ahead and try the lentil taco filling tonight. The biggest problem I am having is the cooking. I hate cooking. It takes so long. It makes such a mess. It dirties so many dishes. I spent an hour prepping my soup, while my child and my dog were running around me like unsupervised twirling dervishes just adding to the mess and chaos. Then I had to wait an hour for it to cook. And clean it all up and run more dishes. Usually, I have my lunch while he is sleeping, it takes about 5 minutes to make, including a minute and a half in the microwave. Ten minutes later, I am done, with only a dirty dish, knife and fork.

I haven’t been doing much sewing, for a few reasons… I am trying to get the house cleaned up. It is just clutter everywhere. I’ve been ill and preoccupied with this diet. I’ve been napping. I did finish the back for my twisted Ispy quilt, but it has been pouring rain for the last few days, so I can’t take photos. But it feels good to have that done. I guess I have to tackle sandwiching and quilting now… for real. I won’t til I have my table put together, but I am both nervous and excited to try the next step.

I have also been spending my time cutting my squares for my I-spy boy swap. I finished that last night and sorted and packaged them today. They should go out tomorrow.





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