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on February 8, 2013

After spending a lot of time rearranging them and trying to settle on an order, I finally took some time to just bust through and get my ribbon quilt rows put together. I finished just before the sun went down, so I managed to grab some pictures.


This was modified from a tutorial by Ryan Walsh.  The fabrics are Gypsy Bandana and Botanika from Michael Miller. This quilt actually started out as a “use fabrics I already have” quilt. That’s part of why there are so many different colorways in it. But then, I didn’t have enough of most of what I had to get a row out of any of it, even with reducing the square size. So then I started buying more just so I could make the quilt. Oops. But it is a problem I have – I buy fabrics I love, but then when I go to make something, I don’t have anything that really goes together. And then there is the added problem that I never want to cut into those fabrics I really love. I have problems. I didn’t necessarily love Gypsy Bandana, and I had quite a few pieces of it, which is why I thought it would make a good project. But like I said, I ended up buying quite a bit more. Luckily a lot of it (including the yardage I bought for the back) was really good price clearance. And I had been buying bits here and there for months before I finally started cutting in January. It has taken me about three weeks to put this together.

Here is the part where I regale you with all of my imperfections. But actually, once it was put together, they weren’t as noticeable, which is a relief.


Points don’t quite match up


Points are short and/or overlapping


Seams don’t meet up


This is what drives me nuts about piecing. See how the patterns are going different directions? I want them all to meet up perfectly. It was pretty much impossible with this pattern, but it will bother me. I also had a really hard time choosing the order for the rows. I didn’t want the same prints next to each other, but then I didn’t want the same colors clumping together… In the end I chose color over pattern. The front ribbon patterns are less distinguishable than the background patters, so I kept the background patterns apart but the front patterns are lined up next to each other. That wasn’t really so much planned, but an outcome of trying to balance everything else. I still wish I could have worked out a way to get a bolder color on the bottom end, but every time I tried, the two white ribbon or two same backgrounds ended up next to each other , and that bothered me more. I eventually decided I just wanted to get it put together rather than spending the rest of my life rearranging ribbons. I think too much.

DSC_0233 DSC_0234

I intend to add a border in the near future. But, I am out of white, and I have to decide how to border it. I am kind of leaning toward a smaller ribbon or just a chevron going around, but haven’t really thought it through yet.


Now I am going to work on the back of my twisted I-spy. Then I have to pack up my machine and stuff for my Modern BOTM class Saturday morning!


These are the 2.5 inch squares I put together in the course of making this top.

4 responses to “Not-Quite-finished-Friday

  1. Michele says:

    I love the order you put it in. Only you will ever notice the imperfections so don’t worry about them.

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m so excited to see this all put together!! Congrats. Your imperfections will not be noticed by anyone else by you because it’s beautiful. I definitely want to add this to my make list now.

  3. kathysnest32 says:

    Your quilt is beautiful. I used to worry about not sewing perfectly. Then I got over it. There are too many quilts I want to make to worry about the points being perfect. I do a lot of crazy quilting. I have more freedom in Crazy quilting.(I was quilting before quilting was popular and we never used to worry about being perfect. We needed the quilts) lol. XX Kathleen

  4. […] on my to-do list is to finish my ribbon quilt top. I have picked out a rather ambitious border. I had a little fussy fit trying to figure out the […]

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