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Saturday stash: It’s Here!!

on February 2, 2013

So… I am generally not someone who is celebrity crazy. I don’t know most actors/actresses names, I don’t go to concerts and am not into bands, don’t hang posters or magazine cutouts… But there are a very few artists that I will go totally ape fangirl over.

Lizzy House tops that list.

I first became aware of her work when we were expecting kidlet. Once I knew he was a boy I knew how I wanted the nursery decorated. We (my husband, especially) are big geeks and gamers. I had a love of fantastical creatures as a youngin’ and have a large dragon/unicorn collection. I wanted a mythological/medieval/D&D type theme, but in a cute baby way. In a perfect world, I would have been able to get John Kovalic to come in and do murals… and I think for a time I had rather grandiose visions of doing some myself. That didn’t happen. But as I searched, I couldn’t find anything available for nurseries in this theme. Just listing after listing of sports, monkeys, cars, or tools. All of which I (still) refuse to force on my child.

I was going to have to make my own. This was a huge undertaking, and even as I did it, I am not sure I truly expected to complete it. Actually, I still am not really totally done with my vision. There are still bits and pieces I keep adding. I’ll do a separate blog post on the nursery sometime. The point is that I had to find fabric that matched what I was looking for. This wasn’t easy either. I eventually came across Castle Peeps, and knew that was it. I was still a casual sewer then and mainly using (gasp!) Joann sale fabrics. I wasn’t familiar with the name brand lines or how to track them down. I spent many many hours and dollars hunting the yardage to make the nursery. If I only knew then what I know now….

(There’s a lot more… I will do a post sometime)

However, this whole experience opened my eyes to a whole world of wonderful designers and fabrics. I started following Lizzy’s blog and fell in love with her other lines. I participated in her colorist quilt a long last year. (The top is still folded over a chair waiting…) She even tweeted one of my pictures. *hehe* And I started snatching up whatever of her fabrics I could whenever I could. Currently, even though I have a few designers I really like now, I have way more Lizzy House fabric than any other. And probably close to as much as all my other fabric combined. I would so love to go to one of her classes someday. Even just meet her. She seems like such a neat person to know. I am so amazed, in awe, and envious of what she has managed to accomplish already.

I have tried for years to get in on her fabric destash sales she does from time to time. I keep missing them. Then, a few weeks ago, she posted a huge mega offering of 130 fat eights. I thought and thought. I wanted it. But it was awful expensive, and no guarantee of design or colorway. I started obsessing. Finally, I justified it as – if I had bought all the other bundles I missed out on, I would have spent more. And I had some holiday money. And I wanted it.

And today it came.



All neatly bundled in color order…. I so wanted to tear through and see what was in there, but I just did some thumbing instead. Too pretty to tear apart. My Lizzy House collection is lacking in Red Letter Day, which is one of my favorites, and Lizzy Dish. But I did see some ducks and forks in there. And OMG! There is a hand written note!!!


I seriously wanted to cry. As someone who aspired, I can only imagine the time and energy and the feeling of giving a bit of yourself away to a stranger. Seven years. There is something almost sacred conveyed in these few sentences.


I hope I am worthy. Here is my Lizzy House collection as it stands right now. (ETA I am definitely missing some… I know I at least have a couple hedgehogs that I don’t see here. I am sure if I dig through my reorg piles, I will find more.) And a peek at my reorganization project that is in (very messy) progress right now. What it doesn’t show are my patterns and sketchbooks and her book.¬† Lizzy gives me permission on her blog to “either make a scrappy trip along quilt in all LH seriousness, or you can stare it, forever.” Yeah, I think I will set it on my bookshelf and stare at it. At least for a long while, if not forever.


And her card, which for the moment sits with my grandmother’s (the one that did sew) time life sewing books until I can display it more properly.

2 responses to “Saturday stash: It’s Here!!

  1. Michele says:

    Oh so jealous here. That is a great looking stack. I wish that I could look closer at it and possibly get one for myself.

  2. Ashley says:

    I am loving this post and your excitement!!! How exciting and your nursery is so inspiring.

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