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BOM Monday: Mini Mystery send off

on January 28, 2013

I have finished my mini mystery block. I have always wanted to try a pineapple block, but have been scared to try. It looked far too difficult and complicated for a relative beginner. I thought someday down the line when I was more experienced…. Well, I decided to just give it a try anyway, and that this was the perfect opportunity. I could just make one block and see how it goes.

I spent a lot of time looking at and studying pineapple blocks. I watched youtubes and read tutorials. In the end, paper piecing seemed to be the easiest and most used option. I printed out a pattern, picked out my fabrics, and set to work. I had paper pieced once before long ago. While paper piecing makes a lot of sense, and allows for some clean, accurate piecing and sharp points that may not otherwise be possible, it does have its drawbacks. First, it is terribly wasteful. It wastes paper (the patterns), thread (not really possible to chain – I tried), and fabric (you use a much larger piece than you need and trim down). It is time consuming. You have to cut, place your piece, make sure it is placed properly, pin (I have to pin), sew, trim, set and press, repeat. It did speed up as I got more comfortable and practiced. I started yesterday evening and was done by the time the baby got up at 1 am, except for removing the pattern. That is also time consuming and messy. It seems a fine and practical technique for a block here or there, but I cannot imagine doing an entire quilt this way. I suppose you could work on several blocks at a time, but that doesn’t help much with the waste issue and would still take a lot of time.


Ultimately, I think it turned out pretty well. A few points aren’t perfect, and a few seams are a little wobbly (sewing on paper is slippery!) but I got better and quicker as I went along, and I am fairly pleased. It certainly serves its purpose for this round robin and I tackled two new things at once.


I would still love to make a pineapple quilt someday. I think it would make a beautiful quilt. I just can’t imagine how time consuming that’ll be. This is the only time I get to post one of these til the round robin is over, so enjoy. Now I get to send it over seas to thecheshirequilter.blogspot.com  and when I see it again, it will look quite differently!



3 responses to “BOM Monday: Mini Mystery send off

  1. redbamsews says:

    Wow, this is beautiful. I’ve not tried to do this. It maybe something I will attempt in time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michele says:

    I think this looks great. It will be fun to see what your group does with it.

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