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Swap Sunday: Color wheel swap arrived!

on January 27, 2013


This fall, I participated in a “huge color wheel swap”. There were 56 spots. Each spot consisted of 5 yards of fabric in a specific color cut into 56 charms each. These were sent in to the host who sorted them and sent them back to us. I had two spots. That’s 560 charms in a rainbow of colors, literally! I really love some of the fabrics, and there are many many I am unfamiliar with. I will be looking for some of these. My (first, because there are so many!) plan for these charms are to do a twister quilt. I recently got a twister ruler and I am excited to try it out. I’ve cleared the design board and will start plotting these out. I plan to do them leader/ender style while working on my other projects.

Here were my contributions:

(not in order:)

R Kaufman Treasures Tidbits Bulls Eye
R Kaufman Satsuki Japanese Engraved
Dear Stella Heirloom Blueberry Flower
Dear Stella Heirloom Fez Indigo
Dear Stella Lanikai Mumsy Blue
Timeless Monica Lee Now We’re Going Places
Timeless Treasures Hoodie Citrus Slices
Timeless Mosaic Flamestitch Navy
Timeless Mosaic Lattice Tiles Blue
Timeless Monica Lee Cardigan Girls



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