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Sunday Swap: 3×6 Quarter 4 Hive 10 blocks

on January 20, 2013

This fall, I joined a block bee. This bee is different than the traditional monthly bee. In this bee, a group of about 6 people have three months to make and send blocks for each of the people in their hive. Each hive has a theme, so you have an idea of what type of block you will get, but the sender chooses the actual block within that theme. Each person give the colors they want used, but each sender chooses and uses the fabrics.

I always had a hang up about bees. I really didn’t get why people would farm out their work to others – dictating blocks and fabrics – and why they’d rather a quilt made primarily by strangers rather than one made by themselves. If you are going to spend the time making the blocks, why not make them for yourself? However, I like the setup of the 3×6 bee. Having a quarter rather than a month to get the work done affords you to work around your own schedule, especially nice in quarter 4 which is riddled with holidays. I enjoyed the “surprise” of the different blocks I got and the assortment of fabrics used. There are several fabrics people used in my blocks that I never would have known about if it weren’t for them – so it exposes you to fabrics you may not have otherwise chosen. I also got to know people all around the world. People in my group hailed from New Zealand, Netherlands, Hawaii, UK…

Here are my results from my first quarter:

Here are all the blocks I made

This was my favorite – Cobalt, black and white

Green, Fuchsia, blue

“mix of warms and cools on grey”

Aqua, white and red (I actually remade this block, but don’t have a picture of the remake.)


Orange, aqua, grey

Blue, green, aqua

My block: Turquoise, purple, black

The blocks I got:

Signups for quarter 1 2013 begin 1/21


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